Norte Sul Madeiras Ltda, began in march / 1993. The main activity of the company was trading and representation of woods, but with the changing market several companies began to request the production of components for the furniture industry, this demand has created a great opportunity, so from 1996 the company begins provide components for the local furniture industry.

In 2002 the company formed its own brand, became known as Casttini Moveis e Componentes Ltda ( furniture and components ).

Since 2006 even making components, the Casttini launches a line of Casttini products, then started manufacturing customized furniture. Even with the increase in the product line, the company maintains a strong priority to ensure quality and satisfaction to customers.

In 2009 Casttini started producing only furniture designed (planned furniture), requested by exclusive shops CASTTINI brand.

The Casttini is very concerned about the safety, environment, quality of product and development staff employees, some examples are: the constant pursuit of certification, "Green certification", training of staff, encouraging courses for the multi-functionality employees.

MISSION: The Casttini wants to offer satisfaction, comfort and well-being to clients through high-quality furniture and components with different design.

VISION: The Casttini want to be recognized, wishing to be among the best furniture manufacturers in the country.

BUSINESS: Innovative solutions for furniture.